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Outside the Envelope – Prometheus


On this episode of Outside the Envelope, returning guests Rick Sandlas from DearFilm and Dan Fogarty from Fogs’ Movie Reviews drop into orbit to talk about Ridley Scott’s sci-fi yarn Prometheus. 

Also discussed: Alien 3, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Box of Moon Light, and Psych.

00:00 – 13:11 — Introductions and Literal Last Watches

13:11 – 31:09 — Prometheus Spoiler Free Review

31:09 – 01:00:37 — Prometheus Spoiler Discussion and Goodbyes

Show notes:

Brian’s Prometheus Review

Rick’s Prometheus Review

Fogs’ Prometheus Review

Scott’s Mendelson’s piece on Prometheus and Big Idea movies: Bad films have good ideas too. Or why Prometheus shouldn’t get a token pass for its ‘big ideas’.

Voice Mail – Lambent Fuse

On the inaugural episode of Voice Mail, executive editor Brian Roan takes a look at Lambent Fuse, the indie debut of director Matt Cici and his cowriter, David Marketon.