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The New OtE


Ladies and gentlemen!

I know that the regularity of Outside the Envelop podcasts has been less than desirable. I won’t make excuses, but I will tell you that there are new plans in the works to make OtE more reliable in publication and more fun than ever before.

How so?

Well, OtE is about to become a bi-monthly podcast. How will we choose which lucky two movies to watch every month? Glad you asked:

We will be talking about the predicted Best and Worst movies of any given month.

What does “predicted Best and Worst” mean? Well it means that my associate Rick Sandlas and I will look at the coming month, and try to decide sight-unseen which film will be the one that will rule the month, and which film will be an unrelenting disaster. But it’s not just Rick and me. Sometimes, we’ll need your help, and that where the new OtE Best and Worst poll comes in.

Each month we’ll offer you, our listeners/readers, the chance to help us decide the subject of our talks.

We will still bring you guests to help us to dissect these alternately hyped and harangued cinematic offerings. We’ll still be informative and fun. We’ll still be your old OtE. But we’ll also be more focused, more timely, and we’ll be delivering you discussions on some films that might get passed over by less adventurous podcasts.

So stay tuned. The fun is just getting started…

Outside the Envelope – The Dark Knight Rises


 It’s a bit late in coming, but it is worth the wait! Kai from Man, I Love Films and Sam Fragoso from Duke and the Movies join Brian to talk about the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises.

Also discussed, The League, Stalag 17, and Batman Begins, as well as the hilarious movie podcast How Did This Get Made?

Outside the Envelope – Batman Begins

batman begins

Welcome to a special episode of Outside the Envelope. This episode marks the beginning of a cross-pollination between OtE and two fantastic podcasts, The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast and The Matineecast. We’ll be going through the entirety of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy one podcast at a time, beginning with Batman Begins right here on OtE.

In addition to reviewing that film, guests Daniel Fogarty and Ryan McNeil join Brian in talking about the BBC series Sherlock, the FX series Louie, and The Debt.

00:00 – 12:24: Introductions and Literal Last Watches

12:24 – 31:08: Review of Batman Begins

31:08 – 67:36 – Spoilers for Batman Begins and Closing Remarks

Outside the Envelope – Prometheus


On this episode of Outside the Envelope, returning guests Rick Sandlas from DearFilm and Dan Fogarty from Fogs’ Movie Reviews drop into orbit to talk about Ridley Scott’s sci-fi yarn Prometheus. 

Also discussed: Alien 3, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Box of Moon Light, and Psych.

00:00 – 13:11 — Introductions and Literal Last Watches

13:11 – 31:09 — Prometheus Spoiler Free Review

31:09 – 01:00:37 — Prometheus Spoiler Discussion and Goodbyes

Show notes:

Brian’s Prometheus Review

Rick’s Prometheus Review

Fogs’ Prometheus Review

Scott’s Mendelson’s piece on Prometheus and Big Idea movies: Bad films have good ideas too. Or why Prometheus shouldn’t get a token pass for its ‘big ideas’.

Outside the Envelope – Battleship


On this episode of Outside the Envelope…

It’s the joke that became and movie, and now it’s the subject of a rollickingly fun episode of Outside the Envelope:

First time guest Rick Sandlas from DearFilm joins third-time guest Andrew from A Constant Visual Feast and host Brian Roan to talk Battleship. Also discussed: Melancholia, Drive, and The White Ribbon.

Outside the Envelope – The Avengers


On this episode of Outside the Envelope…

Brian tries to fight off the otherworldly onslaught of Kai Parker from Man, I Love Films and and Daniel Fogarty from Fogs’ Movie Reviews, two die-hard Avengers fans. Also discussed: Haywire, Twelve Angry Men, and Futuresport.

Outside the Envelope – Shame


On this episode of Outside the Envelope…

Brian is joined by Ryan McNeil from The Matinee and Dan Gvozden from Grind My Reels to talk about the sex-addiction drama Shame, starring Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, and directed by Steve McQueen.

Also discussed – We Need To Talk About Kevin, Boogie Nights, and New Girl.

Outside the Envelope – The Hunger Games


On this episode of Outside the Envelope, Brian is joined by Sam Fragoso of Duke and the Movies, and is rejoined by Andy of A Constant Visual Feast to discuss The Hunger Games.

Also discussed – the pitfalls of book-to-film adaptation, Detention, Wrath of the Titans, and Tideland.

Show Notes:


Outside the Envelope – Jeff, Who Lives At Home


On this episode of Outside the Envelope, Brian is joined by Fredo, from FilmYarn, to discuss Jeff, Who Lives At Home, the newest film from the Brothers Dusplass. They also discuss Puss in Boots, HBO dramas, Michael Mann, and the films of M. Night Shyamalan.

Show Notes:

The Slate article that is mentioned.

Roger Ebert’s review of the film.

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