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OtE – Elysium


elysium_poster_1-550x815-650x400On the newest episode of Outside the Envelope, we discuss the film that was voted to be the probable best of August, Elysium.

We also give a shout out to Ryan McNeil over at The Matinee, on top of discussing Hannah and Her SistersRushmore, and The IT Crowd.



Outside the Envelope – The Lone Ranger


the_lone_ranger_movie-wideOn the newest episode of Outside the Envelope, Brian and Rick talk over the bloated Hollywood system that created this visually stunning but narratively inept disaster.

Also discussed: Lost and Breaking Bad.



Outside the Envelope – After Earth


after-earth-movie-2013On this episode of Outside the Envelope, Dan, Rick, and Brian talk about the newest M. Night Shyamalan film (and listener voted possible Worst of the Month) After Earth. Also discussed: The Sorcerer and the White Snake, Man of Steel, and Road to Perdition. 



Outside the Envelope – Upstream Color



This episode, Rick, Brian, and Dan get lost in the strange and wonderful narrative puzzle that is Upstream Color. 

Also discussed: Planet of the Apes, The Giant Mechanical Man, and Croupier. 


Outside the Envelope – Spring Breakers


spring-breakers2On the newest episode of OtE Dan, Rick, and Brian are joined by Ryan McNeil from The Matinee to discuss the newest film from Harmony Korine, Spring Breakers.

Also discussed: Bull Durham, Room 237, Vanishing Waves, and Tai Chi Zero.



Outside the Envelope – Oz the Great and Powerful


On the newest episode of Outside the Envelope Brian, Dan, and Rick discuss what you the listeners selected as the probable best film of March, Oz the Great and Powerful… and they are all very disappointed in you.

Also discussed: Stoker, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Prestige.


Outside the Envelope – Beautiful Creatures


Welcome to the latest update of Outside the Envelope, now with a new co-host and a sheen of new content to enhance your listening experience. Dan Gvozden of Grind My Reels takes a permanent seat next to Rick and Brian to talk about Beautiful Creatures, the young adult supernatural romance that maybe – just maybe – won a few Outside the Envelope hearts.

Also discussed: The Walking Dead, The Americans, Flowers of War, and The Impostor.


Outside the Envelope – Looper


Now it is time for the predicted best film of September – Looper, by Rian Johnson. Rick and I are joined by Joanna Chlebus from Reel Feminist and Filmoria to talk about this mind-bending sci-fi thriller from the mind being Brick and Brothers Bloom.

Also discussed: Being Human, Tyrannosaur, and How I Met Your Mother.

0:00 – 9:31: Introductions and recently watched.

9:31 – 16:02: Looper Review

16:02 – 1:09:59: Spoilers and Closing Remarks

Outside the Envelope – Dredd



Ote is dead. All hail OtE!

We are back and better than ever with a brand new format and a brand new episode. Rick Sandlas and I, both of DearFilm, get into the nitty gritty with the new film Dredd.

Also discussed: The War of the Arrows and Treme.

Outside the Envelope – Prometheus


On this episode of Outside the Envelope, returning guests Rick Sandlas from DearFilm and Dan Fogarty from Fogs’ Movie Reviews drop into orbit to talk about Ridley Scott’s sci-fi yarn Prometheus. 

Also discussed: Alien 3, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Box of Moon Light, and Psych.

00:00 – 13:11 — Introductions and Literal Last Watches

13:11 – 31:09 — Prometheus Spoiler Free Review

31:09 – 01:00:37 — Prometheus Spoiler Discussion and Goodbyes

Show notes:

Brian’s Prometheus Review

Rick’s Prometheus Review

Fogs’ Prometheus Review

Scott’s Mendelson’s piece on Prometheus and Big Idea movies: Bad films have good ideas too. Or why Prometheus shouldn’t get a token pass for its ‘big ideas’.

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