Outside the Envelope – The Hunger Games

On this episode of Outside the Envelope, Brian is joined by Sam Fragoso of Duke and the Movies, and is rejoined by Andy of A Constant Visual Feast to discuss The Hunger Games.

Also discussed – the pitfalls of book-to-film adaptation, Detention, Wrath of the Titans, and Tideland.

Show Notes:


  • http://dukeandthemovies.com Sam Fragoso

    Will definitely do this again.

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  • Charles Denson

    The Hunger Games. The classic example of the jump-on-the-bandwagon movie, while nobody wanted to read the book until they heard that there was going to be a huge, disgustingly dramatic chick-flick on it. First, I have to yell at the cardboard cutouts. Everyone but 3 or 4 of the characters had no personality whatsoever. Facial expressions made me lean over the toilet and let loose. Caesar Flickerman had so much potential, and instead he just looked like a douche. And the games themselves, oh what a tremendous fail that was. The way that Katniss fawned over Peeta like a hen was completely opposite to the goal of creating a strong female role. The ending? They completely failed at the one thing that they had a good start to doing. They could have set up another film so well! Yet it felt rushed, and ridiculous. Last thing. Anybody who was able to watch a girl high on ecstasy twirl around for a good 30 seconds, I salute you he-who-must-not-have-a-life.

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