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On today’s Outside the Envelope:











Brian is joined by Andy of A Constant Visual Feast and Daniel Fogarty of Fogs’ Movie Reviews to discuss the single-take thriller, Silent House.

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  • http://www.goseetalk.com Marc

    Well stated, evaluated review of Silent House. Also congrats on a fantastic 1st podcast. Really professional sounding right out of the box fellas!

    I too had problems with the ending but after all that what really got me what the whole “based on real events” tag line. You have the disjointed finale/big “ta da” which we all seem to have an issue with but can anyone see someone [insert main character here] going to the cops after all that?…and jut how can someone know the ordeal lasted 88 minutes if this wasn’t truly found footage? I still laud the technological achievements but like you said, this would be tough to defend.

    Anyway, great episode! Looking forward to next time!!

    • StationMaster

      Thanks very much! I’m glad to hear that we achieved a level of professionalism on our first real outing.

      I’m also glad you agreed with our estimation of the movie. It really is a shame that it couldn’t have lived up to is premise/potential. I, too, wondered about how the whole situation would get sorted out after the cameras stopped rolling, so to speak. I can’t imagine you could walk away clean from something like that.

      Again, glad you liked the episode, and keep coming back for more!

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  • http://www.thematinee.ca Ryan McNeil

    In case I haven’t mentioned it already, it is wildly unfair that any podcast’s Episode One sound this. fuckin’. good.

    Kudos on the launch of another great discussion forum. Looking forward to many more listens, and the occasional guest spot of course!

    • http://podcast.dearfilm.net StationMaster

      I’m glad you think so. I’m pretty critical of myself, so it’s good to know that someone with a load more experience thinks it passes muster. You’re actually one of three or four people who have damned me for coming out of the gate so strong. I am humbled and elated.

      Definitely looking forward to you coming on for a guest spot. It is going to be fantastic.

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