Outside the Envelope – Pitch Perfect

Well, it has come to this… we promised to cover whatever you all thought was going to be the worst film of the month. And we think it was. Joanna Chlebus joins us once again in order to see just how nuts Pitch Perfect really was.

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  • http://twitter.com/FilmRic FilmRic

    Bless Joanna’s heart, she tried to come to the films defense a little in the face of our full on hate fest!

  • Pamela Koren

    Gee guys, don’t hold back on how your really felt about the film.  I think I lost count at about 20 f**k’s.  LOL

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  • pitch fan

    maybe pitch perfect sucks for you, but sorry buddies… pitch perfect was viral even to up to this day. the sequel is already highly anticipated

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