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[OtE Listener Poll] Best of September


September isn’t often known as a month with fantastic cinematic offerings, and yet we come to an impasse in choosing September’s Predicted Best Film for the upcoming OtE podcast.

In one corner, we have cinematic auteur Paul Thomas Anderson, giving us his Scientology-tinted story The Master.

In the other corner, we have indie favorite Rian Johnson delivering his hotly anticipated sci-fi action flick, Looper.

So which will it be fans?

What do you think will be the Best Film of September?

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The New OtE


Ladies and gentlemen!

I know that the regularity of Outside the Envelop podcasts has been less than desirable. I won’t make excuses, but I will tell you that there are new plans in the works to make OtE more reliable in publication and more fun than ever before.

How so?

Well, OtE is about to become a bi-monthly podcast. How will we choose which lucky two movies to watch every month? Glad you asked:

We will be talking about the predicted Best and Worst movies of any given month.

What does “predicted Best and Worst” mean? Well it means that my associate Rick Sandlas and I will look at the coming month, and try to decide sight-unseen which film will be the one that will rule the month, and which film will be an unrelenting disaster. But it’s not just Rick and me. Sometimes, we’ll need your help, and that where the new OtE Best and Worst poll comes in.

Each month we’ll offer you, our listeners/readers, the chance to help us decide the subject of our talks.

We will still bring you guests to help us to dissect these alternately hyped and harangued cinematic offerings. We’ll still be informative and fun. We’ll still be your old OtE. But we’ll also be more focused, more timely, and we’ll be delivering you discussions on some films that might get passed over by less adventurous podcasts.

So stay tuned. The fun is just getting started…

Outside the Envelope – The Dark Knight Rises


 It’s a bit late in coming, but it is worth the wait! Kai from Man, I Love Films and Sam Fragoso from Duke and the Movies join Brian to talk about the final film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises.

Also discussed, The League, Stalag 17, and Batman Begins, as well as the hilarious movie podcast How Did This Get Made?