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Outside the Envelope – Batman Begins

batman begins

Welcome to a special episode of Outside the Envelope. This episode marks the beginning of a cross-pollination between OtE and two fantastic podcasts, The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast and The Matineecast. We’ll be going through the entirety of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy one podcast at a time, beginning with Batman Begins right here on OtE.

In addition to reviewing that film, guests Daniel Fogarty and Ryan McNeil join Brian in talking about the BBC series Sherlock, the FX series Louie, and The Debt.

00:00 – 12:24: Introductions and Literal Last Watches

12:24 – 31:08: Review of Batman Begins

31:08 – 67:36 – Spoilers for Batman Begins and Closing Remarks