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Outside the Envelope – Spring Breakers


spring-breakers2On the newest episode of OtE Dan, Rick, and Brian are joined by Ryan McNeil from The Matinee to discuss the newest film from Harmony Korine, Spring Breakers.

Also discussed: Bull Durham, Room 237, Vanishing Waves, and Tai Chi Zero.



Outside the Envelope – Oz the Great and Powerful


On the newest episode of Outside the Envelope Brian, Dan, and Rick discuss what you the listeners selected as the probable best film of March, Oz the Great and Powerful… and they are all very disappointed in you.

Also discussed: Stoker, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and The Prestige.


Outside the Envelope – Beautiful Creatures


Welcome to the latest update of Outside the Envelope, now with a new co-host and a sheen of new content to enhance your listening experience. Dan Gvozden of Grind My Reels takes a permanent seat next to Rick and Brian to talk about Beautiful Creatures, the young adult supernatural romance that maybe – just maybe – won a few Outside the Envelope hearts.

Also discussed: The Walking Dead, The Americans, Flowers of War, and The Impostor.


Outside the Envelope – Side Effects


On the newest episode of Outside the Envelope, Dan Gvozden of Grind My Reels joins Rick and Brian to discuss the pharmaceutical thriller Side Effects. Also discussed – Red Letter Media and Anna Karenina, among many other things.

Outside the Envelope – A Haunted House


On this episode of Outside the Envelope, Rick and Brian (who could not find a guest with whom to share their misery) talk about the limp parody of the found footage genre, A Haunted House.

Also discussed: Ira & Abby and Lights Out.

Outside the Envelope – Gangster Squad

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On the newest episode of Outside The Envelope, Rick and Brian are joined by Dan Gvozden of Grind My Reels to talk about the period action thriller, Gangster Squad.

Also discussed: Passion Play, Take This Waltz, and The Americans.

Outside the Envelope – Django Unchained


On this episode, Rick and Brian are joined by fellow DearFilm writer Ilker to talk about Quinten Tarantino’s new film, Django UnchainedAlso discussed: Treasure Planet, Manhunter, and The West Wing.

Outside the Envelope – Top 10 of 2012


It’s that time of year: the time when we look back and take account of the year we’ve left behind. Rick and Brian give you their top films of the year, as well as the movies that made them want to flee the theater.

Also discussed: Compliance and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Outside the Envelope – Life of Pi


On the newest episode of Outside the Envelope Rick and Brian are joined by Dan Gvozden of Grind My Reels to talk about the predicted best film of November, Life of Pi.

Also discussed: Marvel’s Avengers, Beyond the Black Rainbow, and Jarhead.

Outside the Envelope – Red Dawn


Welcome to the newest episode of Outside the Envelope. This week, Rick and Brian are joined by Fogs from Fogs’ Movie Reviews to talk about the much-delayed remake of Red Dawn.

Also discussed: The Riches, Caprica, and American Horror Story.